Jamal Trulove – Last Black Man (Official Music Short Film) ft. Symba & Jayson Cash

Jamal Trulove – Last Black Man (Official Music Short Film) ft. Symba & Jayson Cash

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“Last Black Man” Track Available at: https://li.sten.to/7r4W6c3

Shop Last Black Man Merch: http://www.lastblackmanmerch.com

Follow Jamal Trulove: https://www.instagram.com/jamaltrulove

Follow Symba: https://www.instagram.com/therealsymba

Follow Jayson Cash: http://instagram.com/uknowcash

Executive Producer: Jamal Trulove
Producer: Wooyeon Jo
Director: Devone X. King
Director of Photography: Evan Weidenkeller
Casting Director: Nicole Marie Casino

Production Company: Tru Narrativ
Film Production: 90XVISION
Music Producer: Connor Mason
Music: BMG & Family Affairs

Video Concept By: Jamal Trulove. Devone X. King & Wooyeon Jo


(Symba’s verse )
Hello, is anybody out there ,
I’m praying that you come and rescue me I’m trapped here,
they out to get me for my melanin and napped hair ,
and I’m tryna hold my head below water but it’s so hard without air,
I’m underground Railroading off of one track memory,
that’s why it’s hard to live on land with these cave man tendencies,
Provides the purpose thats where God took niggaz,
I’m from the dirt the same place where the cops put niggaz,
How the hell im suppose to smile when they made me a mad man,
took my daddy out my life and gave my momma no chance,
Killed my brother rapped my sister took my whole damn fam,
But still I stand sincerely yours,
The last black man

(Jamal Trulove’s Verse)
I’m feelin like the last back man, stranded in population of people who ain’t equal to the man that I am,/
Who morales ain’t richer then the money spent on the land, that we done worked our whole lives for, to pay the rent,/
Why the friends that I’m genuine with, ain’t cool enough to fit in, with all the niggaz I’m ingenious with,/
on the corner just indulging in sin, Its so unfortunate the life that we live, just tryna keep up,/
Hoping that the reaper don’t pull up and tax us, we livin brackets hopin madness don’t march on us,/
and every time the fault is all on us, when will the blamers take accountability and see they just like us, we all people/

(Jayson Cash’s verse )

Feeling like they lead us wrong, trapped in cages sending letters home, get out need a woman but all Caretta’s gone,/
the language different need Caretta stone, they Gentrify and push us out now we need better homes, it’s like ./
All that nickel and diming, you put yo time in might cast you a pretty penny it’s war going on out side and it’s,/
body for body so niggaz dyin, body for body means mommas cryin,/
I see history repeat, and I see enemies retreat, and scream peace when the, grim came to rep, I know,/
life ain’t promised but death is guarantee, fall down to my knees and pray that all that I believe is really true,/
Looking in the mirror asking is that really you, when your options ain’t just options what the hell you supposed to do,/
What you can, your only a man, heavy is the head man I’m fully aware, /
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