“Best Shot” Official Music Video – Rocky Rivera

“Best Shot” Official Music Video – Rocky Rivera

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“Rocky’s Revenge” – AVAILABLE NOW
Link for the album:

Song Produced by @OJTheProducer
Directed by @been.milky
Produced by @hyphywyphy
Edited by @oldirtyasian
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Picture perfect
I paint a perfect picture
With precision on my wordplay
Fuck it when dese herbs say
Somethin’ bout my curse words
They just wanna pick fights
Say it with your chest, ho
Always choose my words right
I’m nobody’s archetype
I just speak MY truth, yo
Illy wit these similes
Ready wit these metaphors
Fuck a meta-narrative
When I give my testimony
Never been to grad school but
Master of the ceremony
Never been to Catholic school
And I lost my native tongue
I’m tryin to find my way
Where da hell I’m comin’ from
Follow at your own risk
I be on my own path
Not the one you waiting for..
I’m the one that’s late to class
The truth is bout to hurt ya
I hate to disappoint you
And u surely ain’t my mama
I’m just tryna tell my story
Fo’ they try to tell it for me
So excuse me for the language
In my music allegories

Hit me wit ya best
Hit me with ya best shot
Hit me wit ya best
Hit me wit ya best AH
Hit me wit ya best POP!
Hit me wit ya best (rrrrahhh)

I’m nobody’s savior
Professor Xavier
Fuck respectability
Rampant misbehavior
All up in my lineage
All inside my DNA
How you think I overcame
The obstacles that’s in my way
They just wanna box you in
Warn you if you cross the line
*You ain’t really rappin if
Ain’t rappin in double time*
You ain’t for the people
If you problematic when u rhyme
Like I can’t evolve
Without you digging up old tweets of mine
They wish that they can call you out
Wit some old dirt
I graduated public school
Did my homework
So I will never let em hurt me
Get ya facts straight
I can grow from my mistakes
Don’t instigate
You got no right to burn down
What you ain’t built
Try ya best shot
Make sure that ya aim still
Most of y’all act brave
But you ain’t real
Hatin on the low
Something that I can’t feel

Hit me wit ya best
Hit me with ya best shoot
(Repeat Chorus)

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